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Set meta tag in programmaticaly for seo friendly websites

When you are developing SEO friendly websites, the first basic thing for seo is meta tags, as all search engines are looking for these meta tags while querying the database. Here we will allow the user to set the “keywords” and “description” (the two parts of meta tag)and then set the meta tag programmatically.

This is how meta tags are set dynamically:

HtmlMeta mKey = new HtmlMeta();
mKey.Name = “keywords”;
mKey.Content = “home, blog”;

HtmlMeta mdesc = new HtmlMeta();
mdesc.Name = “description”;
mdesc.Content =”home page”;

after doing that you can view in the “View Source” of the page you have set meta tags under the head section.

<meta name="keywords" content="home,blog" />
<meta name="description" content="home page" />

Url Rewriting With for SEO Friendly URL

I have to implement url rewriting in one of my projects.. while searching net i got this link which was exactly that i needed.. that is url rewriting for implementing SEO friendly url.. this tutorial will help you for rewriting long urls to small ones.. this can be used when you do not need to show real url to users or search friendly url for google. but do remember this is different for each version of iis 5/6/7 or higher.. i will advice use to download from and follow the steps given in the link.. you can also implement extensionless url. there are different ways of implementing url rewriting like in application begin request of global.asax, httpmodule of urlrewriter, isapi filter and lots other.. with iis 7 its damn easy..only few lines code.. but with iis 5/6 its little difficult to implement…