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Resources For Flex Examples

Here are some of great resources for flex examples, source codes and snippets, other developers code..


the above site have source code of examples visible..


code snippets from various developers

Live Component Explorer for flex 3 with examples on Adobe’s Site

New to flex,  dont know where to start from i will suggest you to first learn how flex components works.. really great site.. start with basics components, learn and practise yourself.. gradually you will master all components.. really flex 3 has wide ride range of components ranging button, tab, date, effects, chart and other visualisation controls.. you can check it out here..

Flex for Designer/Developer/Manager/Architect

Are you a designer or developer or programmer or manager or architect and want to learn flex.. here is a great resource i came through while myself learning flex. It gives live examples, with video training, examples for downloads, quick starts.etc…

Also have a look at my previous post of learning flex in a week