About Me

Finally i got my first blog published, well myself Pankaj Lalwani, working as a software engineer. well i m currently working on microsoft technologies. my spare time goes into internet  surfing, i m a software junkie, tech geek etc etc…

Reason for starting this blog was my presence in this virtual world.. after long years wait, at last i got “time” (actually i waste time – or can be called lazy) to take a intitative like this…  thankfully wordpress gave me this opportunity..

Well, i m a great fan of web 2.0 applications, microsoft, and who can forget the god of software developers, yes you are right its “google devata”…well lot about me i wont make you bore though its interesting… and its obvious i will be blogging on tech articles and much more out of this box..

Note: This blog will contain posts from various places in the internet. Which means, I am not the author for all of these, but some of these for sure As I learn new technologies or when i get into problem while development, i Google and pickup interesting stuff from around the internet, I store them here in this blog so that I can always check back for material, in short i am using my blog as a bookmark manager..


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